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Where there is a will the path appears — The road to BERRICHI


An accountant by day, and a herbal alchemist by night, Berit Joosep was living the  normal life of a working mom of two. She had no prior experience in the world of cosmetics. She did not set out to create an innovative skincare line. It just happened.

Businesses cooperating with universities: Estonian natural cosmetics are full of science


Algae, various oils, turf, healing mud – natural cosmetics these days are about so much more than a fruity body scrub or a basic spa product. Mixed together with help from top-level scientific research, natural components are triumphing over the oil-based chemical products that dominated the market until now.

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Night Cream Power Age Defense from Berrichi

At Indie Beauty Expo Berlin trade show this March I discovered young Estonian brand Berrichi. The company is based in Tallinn and was launched just over two years ago. Founder Berit Joosep works closely with researchers at the University of Tallinn in the development of her products.

Berrichi: the secret benefits of algae in natural cosmetics


Berrichi is an Estonian natural cosmetics brand, which combines algae-based antioxidants and super oils that make a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The ecological products of Berrichi are developed in cooperation with biochemists and dermatologists – Berrichi combines science and the ancient Asian beauty traditions.

Jointly creating sustainable products from a shared sea


Red algae growing in the Baltic Sea are the special feature of facial creams in the Estonian cosmetics line Berrichi. But what’s more, it is the first product developed with the support of the Interreg-funded expert network ALLIANCE. The ALLIANCE is a European cooperation project and a flagship of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region. It brings together blue biotechnology actors from around the Baltic Sea to create new products and services.

New algae-based cosmetics developed


Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance Consortium led by GEOMAR achieves the first marine bioproduct success.

Applications for medicine, food or cosmetics, that is what marine biotechnology is aiming for. Now, through the Interreg Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance Consortium led by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the first bioproduct has reached the market. An Estonian company has developed Baltic alga-based cosmetics for day- and night use, including a specialised cream for men.