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Hand Cream makes your touch silky and soft

75ml /2.54 fl oz


Hand cream moisturizes, nourishes and supports skin’s protective barriers. It relieves dry and flaky skin, reduces age spots and makes your hands feel silky and smooth. As a result, the skin has a healthy and lustrous appearance.

Hand Cream contains algae derived effective moisturizing and anti-aging agents astaxanthin and furcellaran. Super oils moisturize and nourish the skin, and squalane speeds up blood circulation and improves collagen production.

Berrici Hand comes in an Innogreen tube that is made up from three layers – PP plastic, recycled PCR plastic and bioplastic made from sugar cane.


Effects you will feel

Improves skin's elasticity, reduces pigmentation and evens out the skin tone

Deep-nourishing and hydrating: restores skin’s natural balance

Anti-aging: prevents and reduces wrinkles

Protects from environmental stressors

The product includes a powerful mix




Babassu oil

Rice Bran oil

Avocado Oil

Olive oil

Cacay Nut Oil

Aloe Vera leaf juice


Plant based stabiliser


Sharomix 705


For women


& for men

You will see these gradual results

Hands are our first and most important tools. Therefore they receive the highest amount of damage during daily tasks and the first signs of aging are sure to appear on the hands. Take special care of your hands after washing them and let the cream do it’s magic while you sleep.

Immediate effect

Your hands skin will feel silky and smooth immediately.

Long-term effect

Using the cream regularly will relieve dry, flaky skin and prevent wrinkles.

Makes your hands silky and soft

75ml /2.54 fl oz


Makes your hands silky and soft

75ml /2.54 fl oz


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  1. Katalin P

    After finishing my first tube of this hand cream, all I can say, that this is hands down the best hand cream I have come across. And I have been using hand creams for close to a couple of decades now. It’s light and does not leave your hand greasy. It moisturizes deep into the skin which becomes smooth and silky. It has a faint scent which, personally, I really appreciate. Above all, it feels great not to have my hands show my age. For me, this hand cream does a truly spectacular job.

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